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I trust you found some decent VA talent earlier in the year, this sounds like an excellent project! And my goodness, what compensation, very generous! After all, your looking for a comprehensive picture(s) of a male baddie, correct? It's not like they have to animate it, or do a high tech sprite sheet of their character... just a few pictures will do?

You may want to copy and paste this post into another one, which you can tag for the Front Page, which I'm sure you're able to.... or maybe word will get out :)

ah yes, I managed to get the VA I need for now :) thanks for asking,
and yup, the focus is a male bad guy, but females can participate too and yup, no animation needed just the images

as for copy into another one and get it to the front page, I have no idea what you talking about lol, but sounds very helpfull

I spread the word a bit, on your behalf. Nah, it's just making a newspost on a Friday night, is likely to be easily overlooked, and would have benefited by tagging this post to be displayed on the left side of the FP (you have that option, do you not? Ask Tom in a PM if you don't, I'm sure you have enough fans!)

hmmm I dont see that option anywhere :T
and I dont think Tom will approve this game will be very heavy in adult content (porn)

Totally doing this!!! :D

I couldn't post a link here for some reason, but I did draw a character if you are interested in seeing!

got it and looks awesome! :) gonna put you in the list soon ^^


If I have the extra time I'd love to put together some concepts! How polished would you want these characters to be? Like, if I do a WHOLE BUNCH of rough ones, could you just let me know later if you needed any of them cleaned up?

we really dont need a bunch of them lol, just one
why not try sketch some, pick one you like and use that one for this contest?

You could also mention this in Tom's newspost (wait for a new one, preferably one that's only a few hours old). Just include the link to this blog, and what you're looking for!

Haha gotcha. Thanks for the quick response!

I'll do some recon on your in-game styles and themes so far and throw something down if I get the spare time. c:

awesome, cant wait to see :), I should mention tho, this game is very heavy on adult content (porn)
I think I didn't mention that on the post because I just assumed every one knows what is it about

just thought to let you know

great work!

i loved everyone artwork, but i guess gentlemanPaux's bad gusy was my favorite part.
excellent and funny bad guys.

very creative.

hey, whats the deadline?

can i submit a few designs as well?

well, yeah you can submit yours too, the deadline is on Jun 30, thats in 2 days tho :S

No HF account? Surprised you don't upload a few things there, or at dA for that matter.
BTW, happy (very belated) new year!