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Posted by whitedevil0404 - November 26th, 2015

feels like I have been away from NG for too long! D:

and well, thats because I have >_>, many projects going on at the same time :S

the videogame, comics, patreon, prints! my god... 

any way, I was checking on the comments and I noticed my lack of submissions on this year, I decided to correct that, so please excuse the suden flood of pinups and huge boobs XD

which by the way, those are posters that you can actually get >HERE< among many others, if you want of course :)

with nothing else to add, I really hope you like the latests aditions to my gallery!

have a great day!!!



Posted by whitedevil0404 - June 13th, 2014


Ever wanted to have one of your creations inside a video game? now is the chance! 
It is a beat'em up kinda game with some RPG elements (not gonna go into full detail on that because it is not that kind of post). 
The game is still in a very early stage, currently running programming test to check on technical problems and figure out how to fix them. 

What we are looking for: 

We are looking for nice sexy designs for bad guys! to fight against the sexy heroines of the video game 
and we decided to give the people a chance to make their own! 
these character will be used to check on the hit detection and interaction with the hero. 

Every one is welcome, no one will be put aside! 

Right now we are looking for male bad guys, but that doesn't mean girl characters are not welcome, just give priority to the guy, or if you want, 
you can make two! one guy and one girl, remember this are bad guys! so make sure to make them look tough! 
I also have to mention, these wont be bosses or the like, more like your regular grunts. 

Not only you will get your character in game but we will also offer rewards for your effort, there will be 3 places! 

1st place: 
your character in game 
300 usd 
a life time subscription to taboolicious website
and the demo test (once its ready) 

2nd place: 
your character in game 
200 usd 
and a life time subscription to taboolicious website

3th place: 
your character in game 
and a life time subscription to taboolicious website

Now you may be wondering, if all places are gonna be in game, whats the point? 
well, only the first one will be in the demo (currently in development) 
the others will be put on hold for later game updates! 

Some notes to keep in mind! 

- I will be the only one judging the designs. 
-If you win the contest, I will get in contact with you. 
-Again, give priority to the male bad guy, if you want to make a girl, then do so how ever, keep both designs in one image. 
-Color is really not needed, but it will be very welcome. 
-Who ever wins should keep in mind that the character will have to be changed a bit to fit the art concept of the game, but don't worry 
all of its aspects/gear/clothing will remain untouched. 
-I also encourage you to check this tumblr: cougarxupdates.tumblr.com/ to give you a good idea on how the video game and characters look. 
-Needless to say, keep them sexy! 
-In order to get the money prize, you must have paypal. 
-Aside from DA the contest will also be open on HF, just thought to let you know. 

Jun 30 and winners will be announced on the next days after the deadline. 
all submissions should be titled "CougarX grunts" and you have to post a link of your entry as a comment in this post.

I don't know why I didn't add this before, maybe I thought it was quiet obvious, any way...
since this is for a video game, the copyrights of chosen characters will belong to the studio.
I apologies if this came out late, but if any of the authors wants to take their entry out, just let me know and I will gladly remove it
and if you plan to post an entry, I suggest you make a design exclusively for this contest and do not offer any OC or character that you are found of. 


Had to remake the list with new links because some of the old links take you to certain adult website, any way, now every one should be able to look at all the entries.

Edit 3:

Since the contest is more active in DA, I decided to just put everything there, how ever, if you still wasnt to participate and you dont have a DA account, feel free to post your entry here and I will simply put it on the DA contest blog:





go here: http://niveus-diabolus.deviantart.com/journal/Cougar-X-contest-Winners-466319069



Posted by whitedevil0404 - January 19th, 2014

3007876_139015782851_logo-cougar-x-1.jpg We are currently developing a beat'em up game with some RPG elements, and just as the thread title suggest, it will have mature content like sex scenes and swearing.  We not only want to develop good quality porn but also great quality and fun gameplay! 




   -The game is in a very early stage and we are only focusing on the demo which only requires one character. We will be using offbeatr.com/ to rise the founds we need for full production once the demo is ready.

then why are we auditioning?

   -We simply want to have the talents beforehand for when the time comes

this means we wont be paying for a long term project yet, how ever if we like your demo, you will receive a test dialog and will get paid for that dialog.



General Game info:

We already have an awesome crew with artists of great caliber, this includes:


Concept artists

Background artists


UI designers


so, aside from the money we assure you an awesome and fun experience

-The game will be released on PC only and maybe MacOS

-The game is rated X. Voice actors interested should keep in mind that they will not only record voices and dialog for the game-play but also sex scenes and, needless to say, swearing.

if this is not of your taste or it bothers you, then save yourself the trouble and don't apply.



-We will not ask for any specific lines, instead we would like you to send us your demo/s to:


-If applying please label the email like this:

VAA-charactername-your name/nickname

-it is ok to apply for more than one character, but please, keep them separated, meaning only one email per character.

-E-mails not following the labeling or that don't contain an audio file or a link to an audio file will be completely ignored. (this means, no links to videos or the like) 

-We commit to answer to every single email, but please do not feel offended if we think your voice is not the right one for the character.



-Again, this is in a very early stage and we have no deadline yet, but we do want to have the whole team ready before time comes for full production.



Here is the list of the characters we need along side a small description:



-Personality: Tough and strong independent mother, will pull no punches and won't take BS from no one, despite her looks she is a very caring mother and loves to spend time with her children playing board games or simply read a nice book when alone.

-Voice type: Typical medium age woman with some warmth in he voice

-In game: She is your typical warrior kind of character, using weapons like baseball bats, brass knuckles and raw force, what she lacks in speed and stamina she makes up in defense and force.



Gina: OPEN

-Personality: Sly, cool and smooth Gina loves to put every single detail in what ever she does. Still a single lady plays the role of a mother by taking care of her nephew and loves to spend time with him either by helping study or play video games.

-Voice type: medium age woman fresh/young

-In game: She is your typical assassin kind of character, using weapons like claws and spiked knee-guards, what she lacks in force and defense she makes up in speed and stamina.



Josh: (TAKEN by DRAKE)

-Personality: Strong, young and athletic, Josh is the star striker in his college's team. Even tho he is a typical dummie sports man, he has a kind heart, caring alot for his friends and hates bullies.

-Voice type: young cool man

-In game: he plays no principal role in game, other than being kidnapped by a gang but once you rescue him he will act as Vanessa's support character. When called, Josh will jump into action punching all enemies on screen and stuning them, giving some time to Vanessa for healing or to get close and finish them.




-Personality: young, naive and most of the time shy. Andy excels in school and has and amazing creative mind, loves his aunt Gina seeing her as a role model and spends most of his time with her either studying or playing videogames, he also likes to draw when feeling under the weather.

-Voice type: young boy

-In game: Andy has no principal role other than being kidnapped by a gang but once you rescue him, he will act as Gina's support. When called, Andy will jump in and taunt all the enemies on screen taking their atention giving Gina time to heal or to attack the enemies all at once.






Final Notes:

Do not think this project will lack quality, it doesn't! we are a bunch of people that love what we do and put that love in what we do.

I will be updating this post every time we find a voice.

for general game updates go to: taboolicious.tumblr.com/





Feel free to send us an email to: v.taboo.licious@gmail.com we will be very happy to answer


-thanks in advance-  white devil 


Posted by whitedevil0404 - November 19th, 2011

so I know I have been away for a very loooong time, not that I am a mayor name here, how ever considering the very few pics I have in my gallery I feel proud some of them have made it to the front page! and I jizzed my pants, thanks.

any way, I was reviewing some of the coments in my featured pics and I would like to make some coments and answer a few questions, specially on this pic:

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/whi tedevil0404/carnage

to start of, I do apreciate the coments on this one, but I asure you guys are overreacting XD, it is a nice pic indeed and I feel proud of it :) but is not my best XD, it was an amazing practice tho.

any way, some of you asked what did I used to make this thing, I used SAI... why?
cus I find PS and painter to be very damn UGH! so technical, I just want to grab a pen and draw, not set up a bazillion shits to start drawing XD no textures at all on this one, just a plain brush. oh and I dont listen to music while drawing, I cant do 2 things at the same time :P

do I plan to do more? you bet I want to do more like this, specially venom since he has been one of my most fave badguys, sadly I cant do it right now, I am working on my site and all my time and atention is there, but once is set up I will find some time to do more stuff like this! :)

that will be all, and yes this is a totally unnessesary post, I just needed to do something besides painting, laters

Posted by whitedevil0404 - February 16th, 2011

commissions have been open for a long time, tho not in this site, so I'm just gonna try my luck

price rates:
1 char =80usd
+25usd per extra char
includes no BG or a fairly simple BG, just so the characters are not floating in mid space
+40usd for a more detailed BG

thats pretty much it, as for what I do:
pretty much everything lol, monsters, demons, sexy bitches with bg tits :P
either pg13 or mature content.

drop me a PM if interested or email me at:
v.white.devil@gmail.com (please state from where you are)

want examples? just look at my gallery :P
peace out dudes and dudettes

Posted by whitedevil0404 - March 21st, 2010

just want to introduce my self^^
I'm a 2D and 3D artist that loves games!!!!! and I'm willing to team up for anything that you can come up with by developing art ^^

that all about it hehehehe

thanks for reading!