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Posted by whitedevil0404 - November 19th, 2011

so I know I have been away for a very loooong time, not that I am a mayor name here, how ever considering the very few pics I have in my gallery I feel proud some of them have made it to the front page! and I jizzed my pants, thanks.

any way, I was reviewing some of the coments in my featured pics and I would like to make some coments and answer a few questions, specially on this pic:

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/whi tedevil0404/carnage

to start of, I do apreciate the coments on this one, but I asure you guys are overreacting XD, it is a nice pic indeed and I feel proud of it :) but is not my best XD, it was an amazing practice tho.

any way, some of you asked what did I used to make this thing, I used SAI... why?
cus I find PS and painter to be very damn UGH! so technical, I just want to grab a pen and draw, not set up a bazillion shits to start drawing XD no textures at all on this one, just a plain brush. oh and I dont listen to music while drawing, I cant do 2 things at the same time :P

do I plan to do more? you bet I want to do more like this, specially venom since he has been one of my most fave badguys, sadly I cant do it right now, I am working on my site and all my time and atention is there, but once is set up I will find some time to do more stuff like this! :)

that will be all, and yes this is a totally unnessesary post, I just needed to do something besides painting, laters


Venom is my favorite villain too actually. I've went through your gallery and your works look pretty damn good. I'm a traditional artist so I can understand not listening to music when making art. Half of the time I don't listen to music either since it tends to distract me.

I would like to start making some digital art soon, but I want something that feels more like drawing or painting. I don't like PS that much either, so I'm sorta curious how SAI work. I've never heard of it before.

Well,whenever your site is ready let us know. I'll be one of the many to check it out.

I see hmmm PS is more technical really and "slow" if you want a real traditional feel go with painter or SAI they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more smoother tho SAI lacks of filters

Make another Carnage artwork :]

what ever happened to your crystal art

Best of luck on your new comic! The first page, even without the text, looks great... hopefully when you feel it's time for a debut here, you'll write a new post, and let us now how you're faring.

Watching you closely man , be sure to bring in more of your Art

Mumrrrraaaah, very nice indeed!